10th August 2018

beach ctreative writing

It’s not often that you stumble across an immaculate white sand beach,

with the briny aroma of the sea twisting through the breeze and engulfing the crisp air.

The salty scent delicately tickles my nose and prickles my skin. The secluded coastline seemed like it stretched out for eternity, with the pale sand freckled in pink shells and the sound of the roaring surf resonating in my ears.

The sun sets in a liquid pool of amber light as it bathes on the ocean’s horizon. Its final incandescent shafts of rich light pour over the water, reflecting lavish colours of spicy yellow and luxurious vermillion over the water like a curtain of silk. The serene clouds are small breaths of cotton candy, blushed pastel pink by the suns whimsical touch. Warm hues of peach, lavender and tangerine paint the sky into a masterpiece for the world below to admire.

The sea is its own ruler, humming in dormant strength, Its harmonious song continuously roaring under the seething current. Waves bubble, their crests bursting as they hit the sun toasted rocks, embedded in the coastline. The groaning sea is an exquisite concoction of jade green and riparian blue. But as the day progresses, the waters rippling surface became poisoned by a sheen of lucent pink light that the saturated sky had mirrored over the glazed sea.The Salty lips of the ocean kiss the shore delicately as it recedes slowly back into the rhythmic churn of the tide. Waves swirl and froth hypnotically, Exhaling mist restlessly into the bitter air.

Lacey foam splays thinly across the damp shoreline before Retreating back into the Rippling blanket of celestial blue. The beach is unspoiled by the trace of footprints, leaving it pristine and polished as the last of the sun’s rays soak the seashore in radiant warmth. Soft sand gently sinks in between my toes, it feels like powdered sugar hugging my feet.
Slender palm trees grow tall and statuesque, stemming from the sand in clusters, gangly trunks intertwining. Their thin bodies stand bare, wearing only a thick crown of emerald green leaves. The dense canopy caresses the clouds with its fronds, what was once a fiery sky blazing with searing colours, has now morphed into a deep purple and navy abyss. Blinking stars are spilled across the night sky, illuminating the beach with an eerie glow. The weak milky light casts shapes and patterns that dance over the sea, pirouetting and leaping over the waves. The sun that dangled in the sky like a golden medallion, is now replaced by the silver moon that hangs like a luminous pearl amongst the stars. The world goes to sleep, taking the day light with it.  `

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