In the poem “Absolutely Nothing” (which is also a suicide note) written by Osoanon Nimuss, the author talks about death and his own journey of progressing through various stages of his life over the course of a brief time. The poem is divided into four verses, transitioning from the first; where the author shares memories from his happy childhood, to the last, where he eventually takes his own life. Each verse foreshadows the previous verse, becoming more dark and obscure as the poem advances.

The poem reveals struggles that a lot of adolescents have to endure when they grow up. As the author becomes older and more developed, his judgements and experiences change, resulting negatively as they take a turn for the worst. “Negative change” is a theme that stands out prominently, as every verse repeats certain events and experiences of the authors memory. In each verse we are told about the relationship between his parents, the girl around the corner, his little sister and father tracy. Interestingly, as each verse goes by the same events are said in a different perspective, as well as the attitude of the author and the details of his experiences changing additionally. Not only does the author’s viewpoint change, but it starts to become destructive as well.

The poem relates back to the world because a lot of today’s youth withstands negative change when they grow up. As you develop through time, many aspects of your life do too. Friend groups, experiences, relationships and knowledge are all things that change as the world’s adolescents become adults. Parents divorce, mental illness and breakups are things that can negatively influence a young person’s life, sometimes resulting in suicide like this poem.

This poem affects me because i am a teenager who has experienced change as i grow up. good and bad, i have learnt from events that have happened and things that have changed and i have gained knowledge from them. This poem teaches me to keep pushing forward despite any hardships i may face.

I recommend this poem for anyone who likes dark and obscure pieces of writing as it is not for the faint of heart. Past its mysteriousness this poem is interestingly beautiful.

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