20th October 2018

reading log – Frida

“Frida” directed by Julie Taymor, portrays the true story of Frida Kahlo, a mexican artist who was famous for painting many portraits and self portraits, “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” The film tells the amazing story of Frida’s eventful life, and all the motivations and challenges that came with it. Throughout the film, Frida’s paintings demonstrate a certain emotion or event she is going through, whether it be good or bad.

Frida withstood an incredible amount of hardship during her lifetime. Her husband was constantly remaining unfaithful to her, she endured a miscarriage and a horrific bus accident that severely crippled her for life and she eventually died of a pulmonary embolism. During these tough parts of her life she expressed her pain through her beautiful artwork and became very well known for them. Themes shown in this film are staying strong through hard times, love, freedom, betrayal and femininity.

The film relates back to the world because many people in our society tend to give up when things in their lives get too challenging. Frida Kahlo is the perfect example of the role model we should be following, she endured many horrible incidents in her life, but not once did she decide to give up. Frida always found light in every situation and always held her head high in everything she did, while also being humorous when her moments were most dull. People of today should learn this from Frida, as it would greatly benefit them.

I myself give up at certain times when inconveniences happen, but when i see that Frida could power through all her problems, big and small, it inspired me to do the same. Frida taught me to be stronger than my issues instead of falling victim to them.

I recommend this film to whoever has a strong passion for art or feminism, as this film greatly holds both of those aspects. I would also recommend it for schools to teach, because it’s very interesting to learn about and very enlightening as a whole.

“I hope the exit is joyful – and I hope never to return – Frida”

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