20th October 2018

reading log – Milk And Honey

“Milk And Honey” by Rupi Kaur, is a book containing a collection of poems entailing her upbringing as a young woman. The book is separated into four chapters, “the hurting, the loving, the breaking and the healing” all written from Kaur’s experience with love, violence, loss, abuse and femininity. Each chapter serves a different purpose, revealing how Kaur dealt with various kinds of suffering.

Focusing on the chapter “The Hurting”, the themes Kaur speaks largely about are trama, heartbreak and healing through sexual abuse. In the text she shares her own experience with the life lasting effects of being a victim of sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence. The raw and unapologetic series of poems was a way for Kaur to express and channel her feelings while healing her unsettling memories. The objective of this chapter was for the author to enlighten the world of the issue that is sexual abuse as it is a subject that is often not talked about due to its graphicness. “He was the first boy to teach me my body was for giving to those that wanted.”

This chapter relates back to the rest of the world because it teaches small girls everywhere that sexual abuse and violence towards them is not okay. Globally, a staggering amount of young girls and teenagers are held victim to this brutal reality. Rupi Kaur’s words inspire girls all around the world to have a voice and stand up for themselves “sex takes the consent of two.” As a small girl, it can be difficult to find to confidence and courage to say no and make your own decisions when sex is in the question, and i believe this chapter really enforces this to change positively.

This book affects me because although i haven’t experienced sexual abuse, i am aware that it is something that happens around me in the world and it would benefit me greatly if i could be a little more educated on the subject.

I recommend this book to young girls and teenagers because it is so important to learn to have a voice and know the difference between right and wrong.

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