19th October 2018

reading log –

“Paper Towns” a novel written by John Green tells the story of Quentin Jacobson or “Q”, an eighteen year old boy from Orlando, Florida who was always a timid and introverted “straight A” student. Despite avoiding the social spotlight and instead using his time to study, Quentin has forever been fascinated by the most popular girl at school, Margo Roth Spiegelman. To Q’s astonishment, Margo appears at his window late at night asking for assistance. Quentin follows Margo as she embarks on her fearless mission to get revenge on the people that betrayed her. But as the two grow closer and Q becomes attached to Margo, she mysteriously goes missing the next day. Blind with love, Quentin makes it his first priority to find her, becoming so obsessed that he dedicates all his time to figure out what happened to Margo Roth Spiegelman.

This text has shown me the struggle of obsession and how it can completely engulf a person and their lives. When Margo goes missing Quentin starts to neglect his schoolwork and skips classes, he argues with his friends and becomes attached to a quilt that smells like her. The idea of finding Margo and thinking of her becomes a compulsion that preoccupies Quentin’s mind. “I had not cried for Margo until then, but now finally I did, pounding against the ground and shouting because there was no one to hear: I missed her I missed her I missed her I miss her.” When Q says this, it really shows that there is no question that he is in delusional love. Although it is apparent that Quentin is obsessed with her, reaching the end it is unclear to comprehend whether he is more obsessed with the idea of Margo or the goal to find her.

This text connects with the rest of the world because the theme of obsession is something that is dealt with globally. Whether it is beauty standards or the innards of a celebrity’s personal life, society is obsessed with it and demands to learn of every last detail to satisfy their need.

This text affects me because many people as well as me at my age become obsessed with things like beauty standards, romantic relationships and what’s going on in a celebrity’s life. Things that teenagers either shouldn’t be worried about or have no business being concerned about consume their lives and become the only thing they think about. Growing up shouldn’t have to do with what outfit Kim Kardashian wore to a certain event, and time wasted on beauty insecurities would be better spent living carefree.

I recommend this book to whoever is a fan of romantic John Green novels, although it doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending it is an amazing read that provides many good themes.

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