6th November 2017

Speech Assessment

1.6 “It Makes me Think About” (2017 speech)

Light Blue Dot – By Maelle Darby

As a kid, i used to love examining the night sky. Engrossed by how close it looked and how far it felt i used to lie, and look at the stars, knowing ours was just one speck among many.

To me, facing oblivious darkness was better than seeing the harshness of this earth on which i lay… I loved to stare up into constellations, until i saw connections in the dots, and drew lines from point A to point B, that’s when i began to C the bigger picture.

Our Earth, this light blue dot, its delicate, it’s all we’ve got. No second chances, downloadable up grades or restart buttons to restore our fuel resources and failing climate.

Our light blue dot tied in a knot of terrorism and bullying, so tight humanity cannot see my heart before my skin, and people feel the need to win a genetic lottery in order to fit in, i am afraid.

about the children who wait for basic needs so long that it takes quicker for species to die out and ice caps to melt. I fear the battleground of religious conflicts will soon become a burial mound.

I dread the problems of 3rd world countries will finally be washed away by global crisis. Warming floods and countries who lack rain will die of dehydration..as a nation, we neglect the reality that suicide is a bigger predator than homicide.

We ignore that one in four of us are victims of mental illness, but no one cares for a sickness that you cannot write on the thickness of  plaster cast. And Even though there’s an expecting forecast for blizzards of racism and a radio broadcast for heavy showers sexism, we still put our umbrellas up to avoid this weather that we could of faced together.  

Hypnotised by irrelevance before our eyes. Mesmerised viewpoint by a kardashian held gunpoint, so absorbed by a celebrity you didn’t see that the bee became endangered for the first time in history.

If only we were more engaged with our world than kim k’s engagement ring, maybe bees would be an a lister on our minds if it wasn’t for red carpet bling, and maybe kim k would be list a when we think the meaning of importance, you would of thought this would of finally taught us.

But we claim hate is an infectious flu, we let it spread universally until it grew, over our skeleton like a second skin of fabrics ranging from deep shades of harsh perception to fluorescent colours of self aggression, not to mention that Today we have the highest bullying rate and the numbers will only escalate, because we continue to segregate, aggravate, and circulate rumours just for our own humour.

We struggle to keep our water clean and our forests green

And soon enough they won’t be there from the lack of care we provide, it’s a matter we can’t hide that because of us our planet will die.

Our world has peaked with terrorism, oceans leaked with oil spills, beaches heaped with waste, families streaked with the guilt of violence. Today a child dies from hunger every 10 seconds, and our resolution to make peace is using weapons. Today we forced 100 species to be extinct, We need to realize these events are linked.

I have proven the diagnosis to our world problems is the human.

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